In one clip in this video, someone crashes their BMW into a light pole while trying to drift in a parking lot. You can hear another guy’s voice say “There’s no way…”. Well yes… there is a way. You’re not very good at drifting and you’re trying to learn in a parking lot with a bunch of poles everywhere! There’s a pretty good chance that you’re gonna hit one!

That’s why we keep it on the track. That’s why we don’t act like idiots and drift on the street. That’s why we MAKE SURE OUR WHEELS ARE ON TIGHT and the suspension is in check. Half of this video is just cars’ wheels falling off…

Granted, many of these drift “fails” are actually on the track. Most are accidents that could have been avoided by using some common sense, but crashes do happen. That’s why we take the necessary steps to be safe out there. I saw plenty of cars flipping over… harnesses, race seats, roll cages, race suits, HELMETS. Use some common sense people.

Most of these people didn’t take a second to think about anyone’s safety.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to drift on the track, where all of the necessary safety precautions are taken. Drifting on the track and learning to drift on the track is just better. You can push your car to, and past it’s limits in a much better environment. I saw too many people taking out their wheels on curbs and putting other people in danger.

Don’t make the mistakes the people in this video did.

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There are tracks across the country. You should have no excuse to get out to one if you’re serious about drifting and about your safety.