There was certainly some tough competition out there at Round 4 of Formula Drift this year. Wall Speedway is such a technical track and the drivers either love it or hate it. Check out the video above to hear what Michael Essa, the 2013 Formula Drift Champ, had to say when we spoke to him out in Jersey.

Michael was driving great throughout practice and qualifying, but was stopped in his tracks when he did battle with Dean Kearney and his V10 Dodge Viper in the Top 32.

Dean Kearney Dodge Viper V10 Drift

Michael Essa had a flawless lead run against Kearney, but he just couldn’t keep up on the follow run.

“He was 300 horsepower up on us and he pulled a gap, and we couldn’t close the gap… But that’s the game now in Formula D. It’s all a horsepower war.” – Michael Essa

Michael Essa Turbo M3 Drift FDNJ

Despite being “underpowered” at 800 hp, Michael still qualified in 3rd place. He’s clearly a force to be reckoned with. In our interview, Michael said he’ll be putting on a bigger turbo and turning up the boost for the next event.

Clearly he has what it takes to win events (see 2013). His drifting is always very precise with tons of angle, so it will be interesting to see how he does with more power in his Garrett Turbo M3.

Michael Essa on the Bank at Wall Speedway

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Michael Essa Signing Autographs At FDNJ

We wish Michael the best of luck at future events. Hopefully that extra power will make a big difference for him!

You can watch another video from Round 4 of Formula Drift here!