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Getting into drifting is not the easiest task. It's often very intimidating for people who don't have very much experience. You need a car, you need to prep that car for the track, and you need to know what you're doing out there.

It's not the easiest thing in the world if you've never done it before.

And maybe you're already going out to the track, but you can't seem to hold together a full run or feel good about your driving. It's okay though, you probably haven't had any type of proper training.

My name is Matt Buglio, the founder of DriftingU, and I was in the same place as you.

I knew a few things about drifting, but I had never been out to the track, I had never driven an event, and realistically, I had no real experience. I wanted to learn, but I also wanted to help other people who were in the same place that I was.

This is why we created DriftingU, and this is why we made our online "How to Drift" video course.

By wanting to fully educate ourselves and bring that same drifting education to you, we feel that we have created the best, most comprehensive way of learning how to drift to date.

And this is not just a few quick videos slapped together, this was quite the production. 

We flew across the country to California from Pennsylvania, rented out the Willow Springs Raceway skidpad, hired a professional videographer, and had Michael Essa, the 2013 Formula Drift champion, teach us everything we need to know about drifting.

Not to mention the months of video editing and website development that went into bringing this information to you.

We care about helping you learn how to drift and bettering your abilities. This is our passion.

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"What will DriftingU do for me?"

Like I said above, the DriftingU online video course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to get out to the track and feel comfortable in your car.

Michael Essa is an amazing teacher and is well overqualified to be teaching you the information and techniques throughout our videos. He's been drifting professionally for years, he's an accomplished road racer, and he even does some private coaching for local drifters and racers in his area.

Included in this course:

Exclusive interviews with Michael where we talk to him about all aspects of drifting so that you can see everything that's required in the sport and what it's like in the life of a pro, as well as how he got to where he is now. Some of the videos in this section include:
  • how to get started drifting
  • what you need to get started
  • safety
  • professional drifting
  • sponsors
  • and more!

Walkthroughs of Michael's 2 cars where he explains the differences between his FormulaD competition car and his practice car so that you can really see what is truly needed to get started drifting (very little), as well as the great lengths that the pros go through to make their cars this competitive.

For the purpose of this course, Michael does all of the instruction is his BMW e36 M3 practice car. Yes, it would've been cool to see him in his competition car, but everything moves way too fast in there. 

He can show you the exact same techniques in a slower car with slower reaction times. This way you will understand everything much better and more clearly!

Instruction on drifting techniques from the passenger's seat of Michaels car as well as other important things about how the car works. Some of the topics include:

  • grip
  • car dynamics
  • oversteer and understeer
  • donuts and car control
  • figure 8's and transitions
  • various drift initiations
  • common mistakes people make
  • and more!

The course includes over 20 videos that will all really help you understand drifting and further your driving ability.

You can get instant access for only $47!

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"Why's it so expensive?"

Well, if you think $47 is "expensive" for top level coaching from one of the best professional drifters in the world, you're sadly mistaken.

Normally, to get a similar type of education you would need to get private lessons. These lessons, from a professional, would likely cost hundreds of dollars per hour (plus travel) There are very few instructors and even fewer pros willing to spend their time teaching you.

With DriftingU, you get over an hour and a half of great training for a fraction of that.

We show you exactly what to do.

Is it even worth trying to figure it out for yourself? Do you want to pay to get out to the track and be clueless out there? 

Prepping your car, going out to an event, and getting out on the track is not cheap. You don't want to waste your precious track time or even potentially break something or crash. You want to be prepared before you get out there.

Take advantage of our online "How to Drift" video course and learn how to drift the right way!


If you buy now, from this page only, you will also receive three great bonuses!
  1. A downloadable E-book of the entire course. Take it with you to the track and brush up on any techniques or just follow along with the videos!
  2. Access to our private DriftingU Forum where you can communicate with other members and post about your car, any problems you're having, or anything else!
  3. Access to our private Facebook Members Group. Similar to the forum, this is simply another way we can communicate with each other and become a community.

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So, if for any reason you're not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact us. No monkey business. We will always refund your money. Give it a try...

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Take action now and learn how to drift today!  Don't go on wishing that you knew how to drift. Make it a reality with our video course. You'll be glad you did.

Get over 20 videos and learn how to drift with Michael Essa today!

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"Frequently Asked Questions"

Are the videos mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! All of the videos in the course can be viewed on any mobile device and can even be watched out at the track if you need a reminder!

Can I get the course on DVD's? 

Unfortunately, no. All of the videos are hosted in our membership site and can only be watched there. However, this allows you to get instant access to all of your videos and start watching as soon as you finish the checkout process!

How can I buy the course if I don't have a PayPal account?

While we do use the PayPal checkout, you don't actually need an account. You can click the button right under the PayPal login that says "Pay with a credit or debit card" and checkout as a guest very easily. No login required!

What happens after I finish watching all of the videos?

After you watch all of the videos in the course, you will always have unlimited access to them! We will always be here to help you learn how to drift and keep improving upon your skills. We will constantly be adding to the course and providing useful content for you.

Does DriftingU have any type of affiliate program?

We actually do! Once you sign up as a member, you can then sign up as an affiliate for free. You just need to fill out one quick form in the member's area and you can start promoting the course. We will give you an affiliate link that you can share with your friends and followers that will send people directly to this page and track anyone that buys back to you! You will receive a 40% commission on every sale. ($18.80 in your pocket for everyone who signs up!) You can learn more inside the course, or email us if you have any questions at all! (

Why would I buy this course when I can just learn how to drift on YouTube?

We get this question a lot. While there are great videos out there that will help you, they just aren't on the same level as DriftingU. Not only will you learn from Michael Essa, one of the top professional drifters in the world, but we are also here to help our members every step of the way. We are committed to helping you learn how to drift and answer any questions you have. Not to mention how hard it would be to compile all of the information in this course from various videos across the internet. Yes, it is doable, but you just won't have the same type of community and education that we have here. Nowhere out there is a FormulaD CHAMPION teaching you how to drift. Just click the big, yellow "Buy Now!" button above and get started today!